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Danny Corsun has been a Chef-Educator for 17 years. As a teacher in Santa Monica, he had the unique opportunity to create a program that taught Math, Science and Social Studies, but did so through experientially engaging cooking classes. This program not only resulted in better student grades, but an environment that had students having the most fun they'd EVER had inside a classroom! In 2005, he retired from that one classroom in favor of teaching in thousands and created Culinary Kids Academy. Since that time, he can proudly say that schools all over Los Angeles (both public and private) have signed on to offer CKA's cutting edge and fun workshops!

In 2009, seeking to expand CKA’s offerings, he augmented the company’s curriculum to include teaching Judaic Study using the same experiential pedagogy CKA utilizes in its secular workshops. This quickly yielded phenomenal results! Now, just 7 years later, CKA's Judaic Study workshops are taught at Synagogues, Religious/Day Schools and summer camps all over Los Angeles!

In 2017 CKA added another new division, CKA’s Friends Community. These workshops are geared specifically for Special Needs students and incorporate personal growth goals into the existing academic curriculum.

CKA doesn’t only teach children however! Its offerings include adult workshops taught at Synagogues and University Hillel’s across the country. This burgeoning division of CKA has truly hit a chord on college campuses, successfully connecting students to their heritage while simultaneously teaching them Jewish life skills in a high energy and social environment.  Using cooking as the vehicle, CKA takes Jewish celebrations, rituals and lessons and makes them important and relevant to students’ lives today, in 2017! The goal being to make Judaism personal, relatable, fun and DELICIOUS!!

As Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Judaism is caught, not taught.” It’s this very sentiment that goes to the heart of CKA. By exposing students to its unconventional and fun workshops and giving them an active stake in the process, CKA helps them develop a far more organic and authentic interest and even love for the academic, spiritual and life lessons being taught.  

Danny and CKA look forward to filling to feeding the hungry stomachs, minds and souls of all its students!

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Danny Corsun